Peter Flaccus is an American painter living in Rome. Born in Missoula, Montana, he graduated from Amherst College and received an M.F.A. degree in painting from Indiana University. He lived in New York City for twenty years, and moved to Rome in 1993.

His long list of solo exhibitions includes shows in New York (Zabriskie Gallery and Monique Knowlton Gallery), as well as others in the U.S., France, Italy and Switzerland.

Since 1995 Peter Flaccus has worked nearly exclusively in the medium of encaustic. Encaustic means painting with colored beeswax , usually on a wooden panel. The medium is known for its remarkable permanence and strong effects of color and materiality. Examples of encaustic painting from antiquity have survived to this day. Unless otherwise noted, all the works displayed here are encaustic on wood or masonite support.

Peter Flaccus, a Studio Interview with Daniela Salvioni